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Welcome to the Home page of "PETTICOAT LANE", an English grocery shop based in Chabanais.
We have been open since 2004  growing from strength to strength. We are an independent business and import all our products directly from the U.K., which is transported to us professionally by chilled or frozen commercial transport. We have a very wide range of products, but if you cannot find what you are looking for then that does not mean we will not try to get it for you. If we can get it, we will put this in as part of our product range, but if the item does not sell then we do not repeat it. However, we are always willing to get the item again providing the customer is prepared to take the whole case.

We have a wide selection of Indian & Chinese sauces, pastes and spices. Plus most of the items that you would find in your local corner shop back in England, including:- cheese, double-cream, whipping cream, bacon, English Beers, Sherry etc. In our freezers we have a wide range of items such as Yorkshire puddings, sausages, scampi plus lots more.
If you are a vegetarian and are looking for Quorn, Linda McCartney or other vegetarian products, we have these in stock in our freezers all the time. You can also pre-order vegetarian items to arrive on our next frozen delivery.

On our deliveries we also bring in fresh, English Bread, Rump Steak, Topside, Sirloin and Lamb, but these items have to be pre-ordered. We can also get other cuts of meat.

We also supply wholesale to other Outlets, Bars and Restaurants.                                


                                                 Please note that the shop will be closed exceptional on Tuesday 13th February


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